Natural Remedies: How to Recover Faster From a Cold

I often hear people say that they will never take a prescription medicine. That doctors grab the script pad too quickly, when the body can heal itself. Or the condition can be controlled with lifestyle changes. All of these statements require you to know how healthy you are and how much your body can take before you need a doctor’s intervention. Too many times I see people resist common sense for an extreme point of view, and this is not healthy or healing.

As someone who lives with a condition that has no cure, or possible natural remedy to heal it, the above statements can be tough to listen to. 

What I do know from over 40 years of working as a massage therapist – and now venturing down the road of herbal medicine – is that all information is good information. The trick is to know what to use and when to use it.

As I’m typing this blog, I’m down with a bad cold and battling through the congestion – which has brought on a deep cough, runny nose and blocked sinuses. A friend said to me, ” you should get a z-pack, right away, to knock that out of your system.” For me, I work from the ground up. I started with bone broth that had herbal medicine cooked into the broth, tons of water and hot tea, and echinacea extract. I also slept almost 24 hours straight. As of now, I’m feeling better and my body is responding at its own pace. If the cough persists, or the mucous becomes yellow, or a fever kicks in then it’s time to add a z-pack. By handling my illness this way, I offer my body’s own healing power to strengthen my immune system, which will help to build resistance to future exposure to germs. If I were to jump in and take a z-pack and disregard the signals my body is giving for sleep and offering nourishing food with herbal medicine, then my body doesn’t have the opportunity to rest and build its own defenses toward more virulent forms of illness.

When you have a cold, the best advice is listen to your body and make the decision to offer support in good food and rest.  The duration that you have a cold will actually be shorter and the likelyhood of getting another cold during the winter will be reduced, considerably.

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